The story revolves around a couple in Goa, confronting two police officers Anjaney Agashe (Anil Kapoor) and Michael Rodriguez (Kunal Kemmu) and the collisions have on each other’s future. Advait (Aditya Roy Kapur) is an amazing actor who really brought the character to life in.

His physique, and his stunt skills are so stunning that we couldn’t take our eyes off and has gone to another level. Disha Patani as Sara, worked well with her body and intellectual acting type, and her attitude as a woman who goes after what she wants. Coming to Kunal Kemmu, he was our sweetheart always.

We became his hardcore fan, when we saw his movie “hum hain rahe pyar ke “..that was released in 1993, and he acted as a role of Sunny, with his sweet, smart and quirky character, he outshone and stole our heart.

In “Malang ” his strenuous attitude, will make you wonder, what it would be like to be an amalgamation of Kunal (Michael)’s greatest weirdos? Well, look no further than Mohit Suri’s thriller Malang. Elli Avram, as Jesse, looks determined and convincing. Music by Vikas Sivaraman is exciting, appealing. This exciting musical composition brings out a sense of adventure and student will enjoy the brisk tempo and fiery rhythms. Cinematography is unexplainable. Goan pub culture, disco lights in the discotheques, are real heaven. And water sports, underwater swimming, all of them are very catchy and eye feasting scenarios. And top it all, while doing underwear swimming Aditya’s six pack abs and Disha’s hour glass figure keep our mouth agape. WOW!!!! What a lovely pair they make!!!

This film served as a great entertainment with it’s colorful casts and numerous plot twists. There were a few times when the movie felt a bit drawn out, but gorgeous action scenes and impressive dialogues really held the audience attention and keep them on the edge of their seats.Themes endurance, courage, loyalty are some attributes deployed in the move. Despite the films minor short comings, the “Malang ” is exciting, creative and well worth a few hours of your time. The film is worth all the praises

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