In Conversation With: Amit Wadhwani, MD – Sai Estate Consultants

In Conversation With: Amit Wadhwani, MD – Sai Estate Consultants

Buying a house is one of the most major decision for everyone. Not that it involves a huge financial onus but also symbolises sense of achievement, ownership, stability, happiness and of course togetherness. And in this process of buying, the person who has become a name to reckon with is Mr. Amit Wadhwani. He is the man behind the steep growth of a small-time real-estate broking firm in 2010 to an ISO & CRISIL certified real-estate organisation with a sales turnover worth Rs. 2000 Crore today. In a crystal-clear and thought provoking interview, he reveals about his journey, his lifestyle and leadership skills.

Tell our readers about yourself?

I am a first generation entrepreneur who started off as a flight steward in Jet Airways and later founded a company Sai Estate Consultants which has presence across India with a strength of 350+ employees.

Sai Estate Consultancy Chembur Private Limited (SECCPL) with headquarters based in Mumbai is a leading real estate company which undertakes sole-selling of projects using Digital Technology, Data Analytics, Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence in providing end-to-end sales solutions to developers across 17 cities in India.

SAI Group has also launched Sai Estate Management & Skills Institute (SEMSI) with the setting up of headoffice in Mumbai. With a capacity to skill 98000 professionals per year, SEMSI aims to be the premier institute in India which will provide best-in-class management skills, sales training and skillsets specific to the real estate sector and assured placements in the job market.

Amit B Wadhwani – MD, Sai Estate Consultants

Tell us how you organize, plan, and prioritize your work.

My planning organizing and prioritizing is heavily reliant on the Pareto’s principle of factor sparsity. I delegate furiously and keep a tab on the 20% activities which give 80% of the results.

Marketing and Technology are two fronts where I closely monitor which are crux of our offerings. While prioritizing those two are necessary as USP of our offerings, I plan things to ensure clients always get a personal touch and networking is not delegated to the lower-rungs of the organization.

What is your overall approach to the real estate market today?

I am optimistic about real estate market today simply because whatever could have gone wrong has already gone wrong. The number of bankruptcies in the market has sky-rocketed while government has demonstrated its seriousness to revive the sector with various measures. We are about to witness some benefits because of AIF and greater liquidity. One area which remains a concern is credit availability to the sector.

What motivates you?

Work motivates me. The fact that I can offer solutions to the sector reeling in downturn motivates me. I am passionate about sales and see myself as a sales professional first and an entrepreneur later. The science and art of selling and its continuous refinement motivates me to put in the best and seeing my business grow by leaps and bounds is a natural outcome of the same. I want my people to put in the best foot forward and lead from the front. As Sai expands across the nation, our offering of relieving the pain point of developers in the form of unsold inventory motivates me.

What does your company stand for? As a business what are your core values?

My company stands for sales + technology. We at Sai use world class technology and combine with best in class professional sales force to sell off real estate inventory for clients at record pace. We have built up significant capabilities in terms of Data Analytics, AI & Machine Learning and provide best sales training to already senior professionals. In fact, we have recently launched Sai Estate Management & Skill Institute in a vertical integration of sorts to be knowledge partner to the industry. The in-house curriculum will bring out the best in sector by training real estate professionals of tomorrow.

What’s one key leadership lesson you’ve learned along the way?

Leadership is about demonstrating the been-there-done that attitude. A leader is someone who motivates to put in the best among his constituents. I have learned that whether I am doing a particular work or not, my willingness to do it reflects on the people and motivates them. Once they know this man is behind you fully supporting you and also willing to get his hands down on things himself, it works to boost morale.

What is unique about your approach to real estate?

My unique selling propositions (USP) are three things; Sole selling, Technology & Sales & Marketing. We take up projects for sole-selling from developers who outsource their sales process to us. We get in high quality leads using advanced technology and our huge marketing prowess. Our on-site sales team punches the final deal and closes off sales at record speed. Of these, sole selling and tech are completely unique while the extent and scale of marketing and sales is what separates us from the rest.

How many hours a day do you work on average?

I am a workaholic who is 15 hrs in office right from 11 am to 2 am. I am a night person with highest productivity recorded in midnight. I wake up at 10.30 after sleeping 5 am in the morning.

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