10 Evergreen Haircuts That Never Go Out of Style: Stylebee Compilation

10 Evergreen Haircuts That Never Go Out of Style: Stylebee Compilation

The saying goes that we should eat according to our taste but dress ourselves to appear pleasant to others. However we ourselves need to feel confident about the way we style ourselves. Fashion trends keep changing but some things remain an all time favourite. The same rules apply to our hairstyles. Though we may experiment with our hair but we ultimately choose a hairstyle that looks good on us no matter what age we are. There are some hairstyles that continue to look trendy for all ages.

Look no further than the red carpet. While your favorite celebs aren’t afraid of dramatic changes, many stars have one haircut that they always return to.  Whether you loyal to a long length, love a lob, or want to try a pixie, you’re guaranteed to find your new signature cut thanks to the following timeless styles. 

Read on to find out which ones they are.



Jennifer Aniston’s hair is arguably the most iconic hair of the ’90s/noughties era. Do you ever find yourself sat in the hairdresser’s chair, desperately trying to decide whether you want long layers or blunt ends, a choppy fringe or feathered lengths?

It’s in that moment of sheer, sweaty-palm desperation that we often find ourselves thinking WWJD? That’s “what would Jen do?” in case you were wondering. And we’re almost certain we aren’t the only ones to do so.

Jennifer Aniston has said that her hair is naturally wavy so her famous and much copied layered, shaggy “Rachel” style was shaped with flat irons and a lot of blow drying.

The Long Hair like Sonam Kapoor

Instagram: Sonam Kapoor

Straight hair is one of the top 5 hairstyle choices for many due to the ease and simplicity in maintenance. But honestly, it can look a little too plain if you fail to style it accurately. Apparently, our girl hasn’t learnt to fail when it comes to looks. Sonam has worn her hair poker straight many a times and a star that she is, she has done it like a poker straight hair expert.

Michelle Williams Pixie


The look works best for women with narrow, soft-featured faces. The short hair plays up the facial features. High foreheads look less prominent if you wear fringes. If your face is not quite so narrow and soft you may opt for a slightly longer version of this hairstyle to keep your looks on the feminine side.

Fierce Yet Fabulous Bob Cut

Instagram: Diana Penty

She looks fierce and fabulous on the cover of Juice By Jabong, sporting smokey eyes and a tousled bob cut. Diana Penty let loose and flaunted her glamorous and sexy side and we love it!

Taylor Swift’s high-fashion bangs

close up shot of taylor swift short bob with blunt bangs, wearing black dress with gold necklace on the red carpet
Credit: Getty Images

All eyes were on Taylor Swift at this red carpet event, not just because of her daring outfit, but also because of her sleek, precision-cut bob with blunt thick bangs.

We love this fresh take on stylish hairstyle as it makes Taylor’s already-chiselled cheekbones appear even more sculpted.

Naomi Campbell blunt cut bangs

close up shot of British model Naomi Campbell with blunt bang hairstyle, with long black hair, wearing silver dress and earrings
Credit: Getty Images

The only thing more iconic than Naomi Campbell’s runway career is her signature blunt bangs and sleek long layers.  British supermodel Naomi Campbell often rocks a sultry, eye-grazing fringe and we think we know why. The look draws attention to her amazing eyes and bone structure, ofc! We particularly love it when she pairs her blunt, full fringe with glossy, poker-straight hair.

Full brows and long, fluttery lashes

Glamour Magazine: March 2014

On the cover of the March 2014 issue of GLAMOUR, Jennifer Lopez looks uh-mazing, thanks to her gorgeous long locks and barely-there make-up, letting her natural beauty shine right on through.

Embracing the Natural Curls


In her everyday approach to beauty, Beyoncé continues to serve up some major hair moments. Her latest switch-up? Embracing her natural curls. Her long curls will always be one of her most famous looks to date. 

Volume Like Shilpa Shetty

Instagram: Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa shetty is one of the most beautiful actress in bollywood film industry. She has a beautiful hair and she looks beautiful with it. Her hair is beautiful and stunning.  A few layers (not too many), especially framing the face, can help bring that volume and bounce to your mane. Volume makes your hair look healthy and strong.

Asymmetrical Lob


When Victoria Beckham debuted her shorter-in-back graduated bob, it was copied around the world. 

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